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Economy grows as Incomes sink?

Workers see their paychecks get smaller as inflation continues to rise

Jeff Cox Provided by Paul K Doak, CFP®

While the rest of the economy pointed higher in July, American workers took a step backwards.

Hourly and weekly earnings languished when factoring in the rise in cost of living, according to figures the Labor Department released Friday.

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Hacking Elections- Easier than guessed.

Hacking the US mid-terms? It’s child’s play

Dave Lee North America technology reporter BBC Provided by Paul Doak, CFP®

 “I’m going to try to change the votes for Donald Trump”

Bianca Lewis, 11, has many hobbies. She likes Barbie, video games, fencing, singing… and hacking the infrastructure behind the world’s most powerful democracy.
“I’m going to try and change the votes for Donald Trump,” she tells me.

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How to pick the right one

Oceans 11 coming to your Neighborhood ?

Modern burglars are bringing ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ tactics to your neighborhood

Scott Cohn | Provided by Paul Doak, CFP®

Long Island, New York, produce dealer Mike Longo knew there was a problem the moment his phone rang in the wee hours of a Sunday morning in July 2010.

“Nothing good happens at 3 in the morning,” he told CNBC’s “American Greed.” “When you get a phone call, it’s never good news.”

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A Recession Warning Sign?