Pokemon Go aids in finding Lost person!

“And video games were once considered a harmful and banned in places and now…” (P. Doak)

Woman playing ‘Pokemon Go’ finds missing man with dementia in park

By MARK OSBORNE www.abcnews.go.com

Apr 21, 2018, 5:02 AM ET

Provided by Paul K Doak, CFP®

An 83-year-old man with dementia was reunited with his family on Friday — and he has “Pokemon Go” to thank for it.

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A different path to an Amazing Accomplishment!

The Nurse Who Took a Very Different Route to 2nd Place in the Boston Marathon

by Malika Andrews and Matthew Futterman

April 17th 2018 NY Times Provided by Paul K Doak, CFP®

Sarah Sellers to a stunning second-place finish for someone who is not an elite racer.

To finish second in the Boston Marathon, train for the race before and after shifts at a full-time job; never run more than 100 miles a week; and fly into town several days early and drive up to Maine for some biking in Acadia National Park.

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Theme Park in PA receives Worlds 1st Autism Certification!!

Sesame Street theme park receives world’s first autism certification

A theme park in Philadelphia has become the first in the world to receive an autism accreditation.

www.bbcnews.com April 5, 2018

Provided by Paul K Doak, CFP®

Sesame Place, which is based on the popular children’s TV show Sesame Street, was granted the award after its staff completed training on autism

sensitivity and awareness.

Marijuana a “safer” alternative to Opiods

Study: Legal marijuana appears to reduce prescription opioid abuse

BY MIKE LEWIS  www.mynorthwest.com

APRIL 5, 2018 AT 8:23 AM

Provided by Paul K Doak, CFP®

States that have legalized marijuana appear to see a significant reduction in opioid prescriptions, according to a new study by Journal of the American Medical Association.

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