Before you Make a donation, Check ratings

Before you give, check out a charity’s ratings

Dec. 2, 2014 at 7:34 AM
Sharon Epperson
Provided by Paul K Doak, CFP(R)


During the holiday season, many of us are flooded with phone calls and letters requesting contributions to various charitable organizations—and we respond. About 95 percent of households donate to charities, averaging about $3,000 per household contribution, according to the National Philanthropic Trust.

Charitable giving is one of the top financial priorities of many individuals and families, along with saving for retirement and college.

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One disabled Veteran that America Welcomed and Supported

Retired Marine: America was prepared for me when I had to come home

By Brandon Rumbaugh Sunday Nov 5th 2017

Provided by Paul K Doak, CFP(R)

Brandon Rumbaugh: I thought the only thing that was going to define my life was

being a 21-year-old retired Marine

It is good to hear that some veterans are being treated well and getting the support they need- – With Gratitude to all that have served, Paul Doak

5 ways to feel rested after clocks change

5 ways to feel rested, even after turning your clock

Marguerite Ward Saturday, 11 Mar 2017 |

Provided by Paul K Doak, CFP(R)

In the wee hours of Sunday, clocks across the U.S. will “spring forward” “ or Fall back” one hour for daylight saving time.

That means that come Monday, many professionals will be feeling that lost hour of sleep, and may find themselves less productive.

Even small disruptions to sleep habits can dull our mental performance, according to researchers. In some cases, the effects can be serious — the number of car accidents actually increases the day after we turn our clocks forward and backward

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Daylight Savings time is EVIL! And here is proof!

Proof Daylight Saving Time Is Dumb, Dangerous, and Costly

The case against changing the clocks keeps getting stronger.


Ben Steverman

March 10, 2017,

Provided by Paul K Doak, CFP(R)

If you hate daylight saving time and all the confusion and sleep deprivation it brings, you now have solid data on your side. A wave of new research is bolstering arguments against changing our clocks twice a year.

The case for daylight saving time has been shaky for a while. The biannual time change was originally implemented to save energy. Yet dozens of studies around the world have found that changing the clocks has either minuscule or non-existent effects on energy use. After Indiana finally implemented daylight

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America consumer debt at all time high.

Americans’ Borrowing Hits Another Record. Time To Worry?


September 12, 20175:04 AM ET Heard on Morning Edition


Provided by Paul K Doak, CFP(R)

At nearly $13 trillion, consumer debt has topped the previous record set during the financial crisis.

Americans owe more than ever before, with household debt hitting a record of nearly $13 trillion. And auto loans, home loans and credit card debt are all still on the rise, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

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Robo Boats in Boston

Robo-Boats Are Setting Sail in Boston

A small industry of startups trying to teach boats to drive themselves is emerging along the harbor.


Joshua Brustein

September 18, 2017, 4:47 AM PDT

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Cancer detection in a Pen

‘Pen’ identifies cancer in 10 seconds

By James GallagherHealth and science reporter, BBC News website  7 September 2017

Provided by Paul K Doak, CFP(R) 


A handheld device can identify cancerous tissue in 10 seconds, according to scientists at the University of Texas.

They say it could make surgery to remove a tumor quicker, safer and more precise.

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3rd Quarter Economic Update 2017

Paul K Doak, CFP® Presents:


“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”
– Theodore Roosevelt


Women should plan for retirement with the assumption that they may live by themselves for ten years or longer. After being widowed or divorced, this is a real possibility.


How much in Savings American’s have may scare you!


Here’s how much money Americans have in their savings accounts


If your savings account balance is hovering at or below $1,000, you’re not alone.

Kathleen Elkins  9/13/2017

Provided by Paul K Doak, CFP(R)

According to a 2017 GOBankingRates survey, more than half of Americans (57 percent) have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts.

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Coal the New Carbon Fiber source..and Printed in 3D…

Coal Seeks New Life as Carbon Fiber for Submarines


Tim Loh


Patrick Martin

September 13, 2017, 4:00 PM PDT September 14, 2017, 8:08 AM PDT


  • One of many uses scientists study as U.S. utilities burn less

  • New markets won’t restore lost mine jobs, but may halt slide

Provide by Paul Doak, CFP (R)

The 30-foot hull of an experimental mini-sub is helping to show how the U.S. may be able to redeploy the mountain of coal that power plants are no longer burning. Read more