All services are provided on an Individual basis.

Each person or firms needs is different – and the challenges and goals are different as well.

As YOUR advisor, I am going to Listen to you- your concerns, your issues and develop a Course of Action that we work on together.

What We Do:

Financial Planning- either a Comprehensive or Limited Scope.

Individual Product Implementation


Life Insurance, Disability, Long Term Care

Brokerage arrangements with over 180 companies


Saving for a specific goal or building and preserving your net worth.

Education Funding

529 Plans -Building up savings for college while possibly providing tax advantages

Your next Journey

Money gives you Options on what you can do.

Retirement is not Retirement, it is the next journey- whether at 35 or 65.

Estate Planning

To ensure your wishes are carried out and your loved ones protected.

Business Needs

Business Key Person and Buy Sell Planning are essential for the continued stability and growth of a firm.

Foreign Nationals:

Foreign Nationals have special planning considerations, especially when it comes to Estate Taxes.

Please Contact me for further information.

How advisors may be compensated:

  • Flat Fee for service- Financial Planning only. The rate varies based on need and complexity
  • Assets under management
  • Commissions from Products Sold
  • Introductions to Prospective Clients.